Group PT @ Skinners' school

Do you currently go to a gym but are never really sure what to do when you get there?

Or did you go a few times and didn’t feel welcomed and comfortable to start exercising in front of other people?

Sessions @ Skinners’ are for people that want to make exercise a lifestyle staple, want to train with like minded people but don’t want to get lost in a big group class. We’ll show you that exercising can actually be fun and that you don’t have to follow a fad diet to get results. Groups have no more than 6 people and we run in 6 week blocks.  

Where? The Skinners' School, St John's Road, Tun Wells

When? Tuesdays at 6pm, 7.15pm or 8.15pm  

How much? £100 for one session a week for the 6 week term. 

What does this include? A consultation to gauge what you want to get out of the term, a mid-term review, private gym setting,  nutrition support and like-minded people to train with!

Term dates:

14th September - 19th October 2021

26th October - 30th November 2021

7th - 21st December 2021

4th January - 8th February 2022

Call Katharine for a chat on 07912573410

or fill out the inquiry form below. 


I started these sessions at Skinners' in October 2017, not really knowing whether they would be popular or not but we're off to a great start! The venue is fantastic, most people can walk to it and it gives us all sorts of options on training methods. 

These sessions are now run by Damian, with 15 years experience, you're in good hands! 

Please give me a call if you want to have a chat about joining our sessions, where possible, I offer a trial

session as a pay as you go option on a current term running. 

Here's what our clients have to say...

'Fantastic work out, really varied and thorough. Thank you for pushing me to do more, I feel stronger already!' 

'Well it’s definitely starting to make an impact as this week I am able to wear one of my old pairs of jeans, which I’m delighted about 😀’


‘Loving the sessions and that fact that no two classes have been the same. It is always tough and a challenge but that is exactly what I expect PT to be’

'YES! Most definitely - even when I haven't shown it! Love that every session is different and has a different focus. Have felt suitably challenged, and am feeling the benefit of shaking up my workouts and having that PT focus'


'Yes, every session has seemed to absolutely fly by. You have always made sure each person has different options of the exercise depending on their ability or injuries'

Thanks! Message sent.

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