'During the early stages of my pregnancy it was an anxious time for me but after having a personal session with Katharine she gave me the reassurance I needed to continue exercising.

Katherine was very knowledgeable in the types of exercises that were safe for me throughout the different trimesters and talked me through each stage explaining the techniques and how many repetitions I should be trying to achieve.

Prior to my pregnancy I was comfortable exercising for at least 2 hours a day which would include running , spin classes, swimming and boxing and I didn’t want to stop unless necessary. Other than stopping my running at 5 months as it just became too uncomfortable I continued to do daily spin classes, swimming and  boxing classes right up to my due date but at a lower level.

Post pregnancy and following a C section Katherine was again on hand to encourage my return to exercise and gave me gentle and safe routines to work to, after 6 weeks post delivery I was back doing gentle runs , spin classes and swimming but at a slightly slower pace. I found my transition back relatively easy and feel this was because I continued to do my normal exercising up to the birth so maintained some degree of my previous fitness. Also I have managed to drop a lot of my baby weight quite quickly and regain my strength over several weeks.

I can highly recommend Katherine as being  very knowledgeable in her field, professional, encouraging and very personable , as a consequence you feel quite at ease during a personal training session with her and feel motivated to achieve your goals.

So my message is that it is perfectly safe to continue exercising during pregnancy providing the midwife/GP has agreed  and its very beneficial for not only the birth but for the recovery period after.'

I have been training with Katharine weekly for a few months now during my second and third trimesters. 


Katharine has created a tailored programme for my needs that always includes lots of variety each week; from gentle weights, to bands, TRX and cardio activity. Our sessions has evolved to suit each stage in pregnancy. 


Katharine has been very flexible to my schedule with wonderful outdoor training sessions on sunny days and at home training on more overcast days. Katharine has always gone above and beyond our weekly training session by regularly keeping in touch with short exercise programmes to be getting on with at home and also any dietary advice needed. 


Personally, I have not only maintained a good level of fitness during my pregnancy but I have noticed considerable health benefits too which I put down to personal training. For me, this has included moderate weight gain in pregnancy and no noticeable pregnancy aches and pains even in the third trimester!


I always leave our training sessions on a high and look forward to the next session!

I cannot recommend Katharine highly enough and hope you enjoy your fitness journey with her as much as I have.