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What to expect when training with Katharine...

Every trimester has different exercise precautions and Katharine will write programs suiting each change women go through. 


Everything starts with a consultation, during this Katharine will ask you about your health history, check for any diastasis recti and get to understand your motivations for exercising and any barriers that we may need to work through. 


The first session would then be arranged in your own home to kickstart our journey together. Katharine gives regular homework to clients so you will always have some exercises to do outside of the sessions. 

Having children is a life changing moment and women’s bodies go through quite a transition from pregnancy to giving birth. It’s important to approach these changes with a healthy and positive attitude and that’s where exercise comes in. Whether you are currently pregnant or have just had your baby (congratulations!) there are ways to exercise and help you feeling fit and healthy.


Depending on delivery, most new mum’s are keen to get back into exercising as soon as you feel ready to. Katharine can work around your routine of breastfeeding (and sleeping!) and come to your home so you don’t have to travel anywhere with a newborn.


There are so many benefits of being active whether you are pre or post-natal, Katharine can support you in day to day life whilst your body prepares for birth or recovers itself.


Here's what Claire had to say about her experience with KC Fitness...

'I highly recommend Katharine at KC Fitness. I began pre-natal training with her at 18 weeks pregnant for my 2nd pregnancy and could not believe the difference it made compared to 1st pregnancy. From our first meeting Katharine understood my training capabilities and designed a unique programme every week that suited me and my body. After each session I left feeling fantastic and it especially worked wonders with water retention and carpal tunnel which I struggled with. I slept better, no back strain and I felt much stronger. As well as being an expert in her field Katharine's kind, friendly nature and fun sense of humour made each session even more enjoyable. Looking forward to our post natal training!'

  • Level 3 Award in Designing Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Programmes

  • Adapting Functional Fitness Tools for the Pregnancy and Postnatal client 

  • Working with the Pre/Post natal Client Outdoors

23 weeks!
Giggling at my breathlessness whilst trying to film! 27 weeks!
Filming with Brigid from Unity Yoga
at 30 weeks

Benefits of exercising during pregnancy: 

Post natal exercise can aid:

  • maintain a healthy weight during and after pregnancy

  • have shorter labours and reduced labour pain

  • reduced fatigue and swelling 

  • have improved circulation 

  • have reduced discomfort and reduced low back pain

  • improved posture and core strength after baby is born

  • increased stamina and energy for post–natal demands

Your baby will also see benefits – steady heart rate and a better tolerance to late pregnancies and labour. BUT, you must exercise with caution and do only what your body is used to, this is not the time to take up a new sport! 

  • A quicker post-natal recovery

  • Improved posture

  • Stronger core and pelvic floor

  • Increased stamina and energy

  • Increased weight loss and self confidence

  • Reduced anxiety

BUT! You must only start when your body has recovered from the initial effects of birth (minimum of 6 weeks from natural birth and 12 weeks for a C-section) and then it's a slow and steady return to exercise ensuring time spent on core and pelvic floor specifically. 


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