My sessions with Katharine are fun and engaging.  The sessions I have with Katharine change each week and I like that I am challenged, so I come away feeling brilliant about what I have achieved.  Nothing is too much trouble for Katharine and she really works hard to understand me as a client and what I am capable of.  I always come away feeling motivated and refreshed.  My hour seems to fly past.  I would highly recommend Katharine, she is easy to get along with and really wants to get the best out of you to help you achieve your goals.

I have had the pleasure or Katharines help in preparing myself for my sons wedding and have achieved amazing results after only four sessions. She has only had a very short time to get me into shape but what she has done has helped not only my body but mind too. I would have no hesitation in recommending her, she is professional and makes every session hard but enjoyable.

Katharine and has been my PT for about 6 weeks now. Together we are challenging my obesity, fitness levels and nutrition.  It's early days, but I am already seeing results, i'm eating and drinking healthily, can move about easier and my body shape is changing. 

Every work out is individually tailored for my needs, they are challenging and rewarding, each time it is different so I never know what Katharine has in store and I don't get bored. Katharine helps by always doing the exercises with me, giving me support and tons of encouragment. 

Inbetween sessions i'm given advice how to continue my training. I have every faith in Katharine and believe with her on board I WILL get to my goals, she is such a joy to work with. 100% I would recommend!

I have been training with Katharine for the past 4 months. Since day one, Katherine designed challenges that are individualised to my needs and with the personal goals that I have set myself in mind.  Each session is varied and to keep me motivated and on task, Katharine ensures that no two sessions are the same.  Katharine is exceptionally committed and I always feel that the sessions are very well prepared and adjusted to my ever improving fitness levels and strength. Each session is filled with engaging and innovative challenges along with plenty of encouragement from Katharine.  For the days in the week where I don’t have a PT session, Katherine sets equally challenging ‘homework’.  This gives me the much needed tools to continue and compliment my training when on my own.  When I need advice, Katharine is always at hand to assist through varied communication options. Katherine is so easy to build rapport with and she has a genuine interest in getting the best out of me in order to achieve the results I am after.  Most importantly, the outcomes of my time with Katharine is evident.  I am fitter, stronger and more agile than ever before. I am noticeably more toned and much more disciplined and motivated to exercise in my own time – a very different picture compared to 4 months ago.  I would not have been able to achieve these results without Katherine’s training programme and commitment.  Without any reservation, I whole heartily recommend Katharine to anyone who is thinking of making a lifestyle change!

Katharine is a very generous and thoughtful PT.  She puts a lot of time and preparation into a tailored workout, and I particularly like her considered and genuine style.  I have a health condition and Katharine is able to adapt a routine to suit my abilities and needs.  Highly recommend a session with her.  

I started training with Katharine in August 2017 in the hope of getting fit and losing a little weight ahead of my 30th birthday. I have never been able to make exercise a regular part of my routine and I have certainly never enjoyed it. 


Before our first session Katharine popped around to talk through my goals and discuss the kind of training we'd be doing. She really listened and put me at ease. 


Our first session was challenging as I was quite unfit and lacked any kind of strength, but Katharine was very understanding and she gave me some homework to get on with between our weekly sessions. 


Katharine is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about helping her clients reach their goals and live a healthier life. Every session is different and the homework she sets is effective and time efficient. I have always wanted to enjoy running and be able to make it a part of my week so Katharine took this on board too. After a few months of training we took on Park Run together and I was amazed to find that I could run it comfortably and actually really enjoy it. 


Since starting to train with Katharine I have lost weight and gotten a great deal fitter, but the best change has been my attitude toward exercise which is now a consistent part of my life thanks to Katharine. 

I would 100% recommend Katharine as a PT. Katharine is so professional, friendly, kind and supportive. She provided me with excellent one to one PT sessions every week for a number of months.


Every session was varied and challenged me. My fitness improved as I worked with Katharine, and it wasn’t just the exercising but the mental part of how I viewed exercising and food. Katharine gave me excellent advice and ideas for healthy eating and snacking.

I moved away from Sevenoaks due to buying a house out of the area, if I was still living in Sevenoaks then I’d definitely still be a client of Katharine’s. 

A year ago on April 19th 2016 I met Katharine for the first time.  I wasn't in a good place, I was very obese, eating an unhealthy diet, drinking too much alcohol, leading a sedentary lifestyle, unable to lots of things we normally take for granted like cutting and painting my own toe nails or being able to cross my legs.  I'd also just been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and had my driving licence suspended due to that fact.


We sat in my garden and Katharine listened and assured me all of this could change, I just needed to make a commitment and she would help me on my journey.  That day we went for a short walk for her to assess my level of fitness and I found myself out of breath, even at a steady pace, I sort of knew at that moment I would never be like that again.


I set myself a general goal of leading a healthy lifestyle, to get fitter and to be able to do the little things I couldn't currently do and my biggie to jog a 5K.


We started off gently with 30 minute sessions, but before long I found I could manage three 60 minutes each week.  Every session was professionally and personally tailored for me, never once did we repeat a session so they never got boring, they were always engaging and challenged me to push myself a little further each time. In between sessions be kept in touch via text so anything I needed to ask, Katharine answered, keeping me focused.


We talked about nutrition and how important it is to fuel your body correctly.  The change in eating habits I actually found quite easy, especially when Katharine offered to go above and beyond and do a spot check on my food cuboards and fridge - eek she even confiscated my beloved peanut butter which I was eating far too much of, put the cream cheese and chocolate in the freezer out of harms way !


During the year I had to have an operation, Katharine again was amazing and helped me through the recovery period when I couldn't exercise, encouraging me to stay on track. I've sweated buckets, and cried on numerous occasions when it got really tough going. However slowly the weight was coming off, I was feeling fitter, eating and drinking healthily, spurred on by the visible changes happening to my body.


It has been a very hard and long year but worth every minute to be where I am now.   Currently I have lost 5 stone and am exercising regularily, leading a much altered lifestyle.  I've completed a 5K park run, walked 12.5 miles round Bewl water, done a 2.5 K swimathon and even done a tea break 10 K.  My sleep apnea is under control with treatment and I am back driving. I can cut and paint my own toe nails, cross my legs, the list is endless.


There is one person alone who I can't thank enough and that's Katharine, would I be where I am today without her, NO WAY !  She has been a constant, and did exactly what she promised she would.  I would recommend Katharine in a heartbeat to anyone who has a goal they want to achieve, she will do anything in her power to get you there.