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Sometimes we need to shake things up a bit. If you have always stuck to the same exercise routine or you consistently go to the gym and don't really know what to do when you get there, then it is definitely time to change things. 


Paddock Wood Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to exercise outdoors which gives you huge benefits mentally as well as physically using bodyweight workouts, breathing fresh air and enjoying a change of scenery.

With 4 sessions available every week, getting into a routine and setting aside some time for you is achievable and necessary for your body and mind. Exercising has some fantastic benefits, but when you take it outdoors, wow!! 

Why should I join the Paddock Wood Bootcamp?

  • Free fitness testing

  • Free workshops on key topics like nutrition and women's health

  • Access to three different trainers for ideas on training and nutrition

  • Private Facebook group to keep in touch with other club members

Where? Green Lane recreation ground, see map

When? Sessions are every Monday at 9.30am, Tuesday 7.30pm,

             Friday 9.30am and Saturday 9am.

How much? Costs are paid on a monthly basis:                               

                     1 session a week for £29/month

                     2 sessions a week for £45/month

                     3 sessions a week for £57/month

                     4 sessions a week for £65/month

                     Pay as you go £10 a session 

Want to know more or want to come for your free taster session?

Email Katharine or use the contact box below and let us know when you

plan to come along. Before you come, download and print off a

health questionnaire and bring it to your first session.

When you love the session and want to sign up for more,

just get in touch with Katharine for payment details. 

Green Lane recreation ground, Green Lane, 

Paddock Wood, TN12 6BW

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