Pregnancy safe exercises to maintain fitness, mental and physical health 
What’s included?
  • 10 pregnancy exercise videos focusing on 2nd and 3rd trimester safe exercises
  • 2 Trimester focused videos (including what to expect, what to look out for and how to adapt exercises)
  • 45 minute yoga video with Unity Yoga, specialist pregnancy yoga instructor Brigid Godwin (suitable from 14 weeks to 40 weeks)
  • Relaxation and meditation video with Unity yoga
  • Downloadable information on nutrition
Who is it for?
Women who have been exercising regularly in the last 2 years (3-4 times a week) and are keen to continue maintaining a fitness level during pregnancy. BUT, you must exercise with caution and do only what your body is used to, this is not the time to take up a new sport! 
Next steps? 
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